Black Tangent | Operational Technology, Simplified.
Black Tangent | Operational Technology, Simplified.

Operational Technology, Simplified.

OSS/BSS/CSP-OT Application Software and Services.

Our methods

Our methods

Our pragmatic approach to software development

Scrum (Agile)

Develop a product from within an agile process framework. Build high quality applications on emergent requirements incrementally with the best time-to-market.

Domain-driven design (DDD)

Initiate a creative collaboration between technical and domain experts to iteratively refine concepts and take full advantage of the domain expertise.

Behavior-driven development (BDD)

Put the emphasis on the conversation between the developer, tester and domain expert. Create easily verifiable specifications in natural language.

Test-driven development (TDD)

Guarantee that requirements are 100% covered by tests. Detect bugs automatically in development, not in production.

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