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We build software, consult and provide analytical solutions for industry leaders.



Our pragmatic approach to software development

We believe that high quality software is built from within a framework. Our methods are refined and meet the highest quality standards.

Scrum (Agile)

Develop a product from within an agile process framework. Build high quality applications on emergent requirements incrementally with the best time-to-market.

Domain-driven design (DDD)

Initiate a creative collaboration between technical and domain experts to iteratively refine concepts and take full advantage of the domain expertise.

Behavior-driven development (BDD)

Put the emphasis on the conversation between the developer, tester and domain expert. Create easily verifiable specifications in natural language.

Test-driven development (TDD)

Guarantee that requirements are 100% covered by tests. Detect bugs automatically in development, not in production.

We build software, consult and provide analytical solutions for industry leaders

Our mission is to help medium and large organizations make data-driven decisions through digitalization and automation. Our methods empower our clients by applying the knowledge that exists within their existing organization to open up possibilities to cut costs, support sustainable innovation and create new opportunities.


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