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We build software, consult and provide analytical solutions for industry leaders.

Dedicated to effective remote work

We're a fully remote development team. We build products to grow and scale companies. Our goal is to show that it is possible for a team to live apart and deliver industry leading solutions.

Teams and communities can collaborate across borders and continents and still be as efficient as the tranditional approach. Our philosophy is always that the number of hours worked has no correlation with the quality of work produced.



Make informed decisions with historical & real time data

Kojiki can help answer the toughest questions about retention, growth, and engagement using any public or private data source.

Any frequency

Simultaneously display real-time data feeds / broadcasts and aggregated historical data.

Multiple sources

Aggregate and display information from any number of sources, all in one place.

Custom metrics

Choose from any one of the most common business metrics, or define your own, including targets or threshold amounts.

Secure & flexible

Your sensitive data is fully encrypted at all times, and can even run completely within your existing network.

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