Work in an empirical manner to better predict costs, gain better understanding of the user/organization's values and better at what you do. Having a framework around your process is an absolute must to be effective and Agile is the best method out there.

Step 1:


Gather domain knowledge in the form of context, user stories and use-cases.

Step 2:


Split big tasks into smaller chunks. Identify subtasks and estimate work.

Step 3:


Repeat 2nd step for all services in environment until mapping is complete and configuration has been declared.

Step 4:


Workers picks and executes stories and implements according to specification until the iteration end.

Step 5:


The process criticized by everyone who attended. This knowledge is used to refine the process before it’s repeated again.

Step 6:


The entire iteration starts again from the beginning. Using what we learned in Step 5 when we start Step 1 again.