Migrate your services to the cloud to gain access to enterprise-class technology anywhere. Safeguard your valuable data and documents against disasters, work from anywhere and grow your business at any pace.

Your problem

Estimations shows that the annual cost of owning and managing software and hardware can be as much as four times of the initial cost. The initial investment is high and systems doesn't easily scale. Hiring systems experts for managing your platforms is common and even though disaster recovery plans are in place, they're very seldom tested.

Our solution

The Cloud today has become an almost unlimited resource of cheap storage and computing power. Making sure your data is kept safe from disaster has become as trivial as pushing a button, white deploying new services at scale can be done within minutes. Eventually all organizational services will live in the Cloud so we need to start migrating soon.

Cloud Adoption provides many benefits for your organization, such as:

  • Disaster recovery: Robust disaster recovery is one of the cornerstones of any modern organization of any size. Moving your data and services into the Cloud removes the need for large up front investments and hiring of a third-party. The solutions provided will give you lightning quick point-in-time data recovery easier and cheaper than any non-Cloud alternative.

  • Flexibility: Scaling up or down depending on your current requirements can be done at any point in time. Acquire enterprise-class software while only paying for what you need.

  • CAPEX-free: Start up and scale your organization with little to no up-front investment in expensive hardware. Only pay for what you need.

  • Work remotely: By having your services in the Cloud you can reach your organizations data, documents, and services from anywhere. This allows for increased flexibility and is suited for a modern lifestyle.

  • Increased collaboration: Applications built for the Cloud has built-in features for collaboration and shared document control which leads to more faster knowledge sharing with your organization and increased efficiency.

Migrating to the Cloud consists of tasks such as:


Move existing infrastructure residing on bare-metal or hosted on non-Cloud platforms into the Cloud.


Change the underlying platform used to host your applications and systems. The Cloud provides Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) alternatives with automatic software updates and low maintenance.


Move to a Software as a service (SaaS) alternative in the Cloud. Enjoy numerous integration possibilities and increased efficiency.


Cloud provides modern applications with better integration opportunities, this will allow you retire old an unneeded solutions and save cost up to 20%.