Automate testing, deployment and system administration in your environment. Continue to create high quality software at a faster pace, while reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Your problem

The speed of which software can be developed and maintained is decided by how much you can deliver, and how often. Hiring engineers is expensive enough and if the efforts is not going towards the end goal, your project will most likely not succeed.

To successfully implement an Agile development strategy one relies on powerful tools to automate trivial tasks such as running the test suite and deploying your application to the staging or production environment. In addition, other tasks such as provisioning of servers and services can be time consuming to set up and maintain.

  • Slow release cycle: Caused by a myriad of issues like, lack of automated testing, low test coverage, lack of incremental design.

  • Deployment errors: The environments are not properly replicated in development, staging and production. This leads to unexpected errors when deploying the application.

  • High maintenance costs: Personel is hired to perform tasks that can be automated. Failover and and provisioning of new services is not automated and monitoring and alerting is done manually.

  • Slow recovery time: When the application errors or crashes, the source of errors are hard to detect and the application recovers slowly. The lack of automated recovery mechanisms gives the user a lack of trust in the data and the application's processes.

  • High change failure rate: The application often fails after changes are made.

Our solution

In this adoption program we help your organization implement the DevOps aspect of digitization. The result will be custom deployment of an automated platform to test and deploy your application or services. We will teach your organization how to repeat the process and how to maintain it over time. Now your engineers can spend their entire time focused on creating value for you and eventually, the user.

Increment 1:


Communicate with needs and deployment of configuration management software.

Increment 2:


Identify and create mappings for all services in the environment and integrate with platform.

Increment 3:


Repeat 2nd step for all services in environment until mapping is complete and configuration has been declared.

Increment 4:


Use agile practice and automation to optimize 3rd step.

Increment 5:


Automate all critical workflows associated with deployment and management.