Ensure continuous delivery of software to the stakeholder in a uniform environment, ensuring high product quality and fast time-to-market.

DevOps is the results-oriented mindset that addresses IT complexity with agility, collaboration, and automation. Use DevOps to improve Mean-time-to-Value (MTTV) from IT as well as Time-to-Market (TTM).


Faster time-to-market

The value of adopting DevOps into your organization can be significant and can reduce the average number of days taken to deploy applications into production from 89 days to 15 days, a mere 17 percent of the original time.

Full automation and provisioning

Having powerful tools to automate any given task reduces OPEX and CAPEX by increasing efficiency and opens opportunities for growing the scale of operations.

Built-in monitoring

Deliver applications with built-in monitoring. Monitoring enables faster troubleshooting, automatic correction, and deployment of proactive measures

High Quality Software

Using automation to build your environments ensures that only tested software gets deployed to production. Automated testing and quality checks remove potential errors and provide a more predictable outcome.

Improved Efficiency

Bring a vanilla distribution whether it's RedHat, Debian, Solaris or Windows Server 2016 to a system with all relevant applications installed, security policies implemented, network configuration set up within minutes. Replicable to tens of thousands of instances.

Improved stability

Bringing up a system to a production ready state usually consists of hundreds of small edits, cut-and-paste settings, programming languages, and input. When using Puppet the configuration continuously, correcting manual edits left in the system and ensure the consistency of all monitored files at all times.

Our Approach


Use Behavior-driven Development (BDD) to improve collaboration on software projects. Develop business value in conjunction with the IT consumer.


Microservices has proven to be a key enabler for innovation in digital business pursuits. Enable extreme application agility and deploy new features according to changing business demands.

Mediated APIs

A fundamental enabler in the API economy and digital business ecosystems. Apply this architectural pattern to expose internal APIs to external users while remaining a uniform protective policy.

Release Orchestration

Increase agility and productivity with automatic code deployment. Reduce costs by removing manual interaction. Mitigate risks using standardized and automated release procedures.

Continous Delivery

CD is an essential capability of DevOps that reduces the build-to-production cycle time, in turn speeding up the positive impact of new application, functions, and fixes by speeding up the application deployment life-cycle.

Configuration Automation

Apply Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) concepts to IT infrastructure and operational management. Create an Agile and scalable infrastructure and automate manual interactions otherwise done by high-cost and high-skilled staff.

Agile Application Testing

Delivery significant efficiency improvements. Realize 30 to 40 percent within the first year through regression testing and better-architected software. Realize at least 20% cost in testing reduction against the current baseline.

Agile Ops

The philosophy of rapidly responding to change in customer requirements. Obtain significant improvements in the realization of value.

Container Management

Simplify the application life cycle by enabling workload portability between different environments and improve resource utilization efficiency.

Applicable Use-Cases

Test Automation

Automate testing of acceptance criteria, system integration, and application units. Increase your teams' efficiency and build reliable software.

IT Infrastructure Management

Automate management of your IT infrastrcuture. Reduce costly manual operations and secure operation of your most valuable business processes.

Continous Delivery

Increase the frequency of deployment and efficiency of your resources. Deploy multiple times a day using Continuous Integration (CI) combined with Continuous Delivery (CD).

Cloud Migration

Repackage applications into constrainers.

API Monetization

Securly monitize internal APIs through Mediated APIs.