DevOps is about automating the release cycle of software. It ensures that the software is always tested after every change that is made and that the environment where the software is developed, tested and released remains identical. This removes a myriad of possible points of failure in the development process, cuts down development time and deployments. Eventually making the product easier to scale.

DevOps provides benefits, such as:

  • Faster time-to-market: Faster development and deployment of software allows the stakeholder to delivery the software to the market sooner. This is greatly improves the ROI and allows products to be deployed to the market as soon as the stakeholder think it is ready.

  • Automation and provisioning: Having powerful tools to automate any given task reduces OPEX and CAPEX by increasing efficiency and opens opportunities for handling scale more than any other factor.

  • Monitoring: Systems deployed using DevOps are delivered with built-in monitoring of all services. This enables faster troubleshooting, automatic correction and deployment of proactive measures.

  • Produces High Quality Software: Using automation to build your environments ensures that the software will work where it is deployed. This greatly removes numerous sources of errors and ensures a predictable outcome.