Create the missing communication layer between your organization's software. Integrate quickly and streamline your organization's processes.

Your problem

Large organizations often deploy a collection of software such as supply chain management (SCM) applications, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Business intelligence (BI) systems, payroll systems, and Human resource information system (HRIS) applications to mention a few. These systems often lack the ability to communicate that leads to inefficiencies where identical data is stored in multiple places and general business rules cannot be shared throughout the organization. Not only are the systems not designed to communicate, but they might reside of different operating systems, using different database solutions, or date and time formats.

Our solution

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is a permanent solution deployed in your environment to enable communication between the systems. The EAI framework deals with the connection and transformation of data which enables large organizations with multiple acquisitions to integrate quickly and streamline the organizations' processes.

Enterprise integration is one large step towards the digitalization of your organization and is often what's keeping you from moving forward. Completing such a task will reap huge benefits such as:

  • Business intelligence (BI): Faster reporting, analysis and planning results in faster decision making based on actual facts. The speed which information can be gathered and when decisions are made has proven to be crucial to a business' success.

  • Operational intelligence (OI): Real-time dynamic visibility into your business operation. Get a complete overview over events and resources to make important tactical decisions.

  • Shared business rules: Business rules will be shared and used throughout your organization. The integration will be permanent, no need for running manual tasks to move data between systems. Ensure that your rules are enforced at every level.

  • Better data quality: Analyzing the data gives you an understanding to know more about the quality of data that you have. The quality of data entered during data-entry and if you are storing the relevant information to make the right decisions. Data deduplication happens naturally between integrated systems as there's no longer any need to keep track of the same data in multiple places.

  • Reduced costs: Automation of reporting and analysis permanently removes manual processes. This lowers the headcount in your organization and puts the focus on continuous improvement.

  • Increased revenue: Business and operational intelligence allows you to make better decisions about how value is created in your organization.

We specialize in EAI solutions and have built our own framework that is used with our DevOps and Automation tools: