Get closer to your users. Be available on all platforms and deliver a better experience.

With 2.1 billion smartphone users (2016) your target audience is easier than ever to reach. Releasing a mobile application to the Apple and Android stores provides users with a convenient way to download and interact with your company.

Mobile applications can provide numerous benefits over Web Applications:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Greater stickiness for users
  • Reduced cost and improved response rates for marketing
  • Better data on customers
  • Reduced cost to serve information

React Native

A native app runs on the mobile device directly. Using APIs provided by the operating system it offers snappy performance along with the native design elements and interactions expected by mobile users of different platforms.

By using React Native we are able to deliver a cost-effective native mobile application targeting iOS and Android devices almost simultaneously. We can achieve this with a single team of developers reusing the majority of the same code (up to 85%).

Choosing Native over Hybrid depends on the use-case of the app. If the mobile application is the primary way for the users to interact you should choose Native. Research shows that users will only give your app two or three tries at maximum, and will go to a competitor if the experience is not right.

If your application is delivered as a supplement to an existing platform, cost is a primary concern, or not much interaction is required, you may be better of with the Hybrid approach.