As high-tech companies are constantly driving innovation in the IT space, businesses and consumers expectations are rapidly growing at a higher and higher pace.


As high-tech companies are constantly drives innovation in the IT space businesses and consumers expectations are rapidly growing at a higher and higher pace. The challenge represents a big growth opportunity for service providers to provide integrated real-time user experiences and transparency for their customers. Thriving in this space requires commitment and will lead to new sources of revenue.

By embracing the challenge and thriving in change follows the competitive advantage of the business. However, for a traditional company, taking the challenge head-on requires IT to evolve its legacy and fragmented systems into standardized applications, using next-gen technology that can handle growing demand and expectations from their customers.

Meeting growing expectations requires a focused and pragmatic plan that gives predictable outcome. As business models evolve and new sources of revenue arises, new ecosystems need to be understood and the need for agility becomes self-apparent.

Having a technology partner that can lead you along the way that knows the new ecosystems and business models increases your chance for success. Black Tangent brings over 10 years of experience helping IT leadership deliver knowledge, technology, and processes to be adapted to capture your investments and handle the growth.

Features & Benefits
  • Standardized All applications are built from the ground up to be compliant with TM Forum Frameworx.

  • Distributed The fault-tolerant and reliable platform ensures the highest possible uptime.

  • Scalable Applications are horizontally scalable. No need to restructure your applications to handle higher loads.

  • Responsive Built from the ground up to work on all devices and screen sizes.

  • Data-driven Use empiricism to make your descisions at all levels in your orgnaization using KPI from the leaders in the industry.

Our OSS/BSS Adoption solution includes: