End-to-end Order Management Suite (OMS) for delivering any product or service offered by modern CSPs today. Our unique queue system for order orchestration ensures seamless delivery and improved customer satisfaction.


We specialize in delivering cost-effective, faster time-to-market products and to give you the best chance to reach the market before the competition.

Customer Information Management

Handle customer infromation through our SaaS integrated CRM solution. Integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot or other alternatives.

Order Orchestration

Developed using best industry standards for maximuim user-friendlyness. Complete documentation always included for anyone to use.

Customer Problem Management

Handle customer problems, escalations, service SLA calculations, and uptime with ease. Group related problems together to handle problems in batches, and discover correlations.

Partner and Supplier Self-management

Muiltitenany enables partners and suppliers to handle their own resources within the system. Safely develop your partner and supplier networks with self-management of deliveries, products, contracts, SLAs, and more.

Charge and Invoice Management

Full configurability and real-time charging for usage based services. Integrates with your existing billing system and enable converaged billing.

Product and Service Composition

Compose product bundles and manage dependent service decomposition at ease. Launch new products quickly, capture new opporunities , and sell third-party products.

RESTful APIs (Open API)

Build new ecosystems to leverage your key assets and capabilities. Promote integration though interoperability in your organziation.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast time-to-market Your application will be available immediately on the market. Ensure users get your product.

  • Scalabiltiy Your application will be built from the ground up to support thousands of users.

  • Cloud robustness Your data is always available and backed up. Enjoy Point-in-time recovery and view your data at any point in time.

  • Increased flexibility Access your application from anywhere with Internet access. Work from anywhere.

  • Platform independence Your application runs on any system able to run a web browser.

  • Faster releases Applications can be brought live within days after the project has started and the release cycle is faster than any alternative.

  • Immediate updates Your application resides on a remote server or in the Cloud and doesn't require users to keep their software updated.

  • Better security The application is located remotely and security holes are patched immediately.