If you are missing a project manager we can remotely get your current manager up to speed using Agile methodologies, or we could run manage the project for you. Creating proper routines for your team is something that cannot be achieved without structure and method. We follow an adoption of manufacturing methodologies developed over hundreds of years that is being widely applied across the industry today.

We can teach you Agile methodology, or more specifically: Scrum - and what this can do for you and your team’s productivity.

Using the latest in Agile tooling will allow you to get a better overview over your progress and make better estimations. Use data-driven decision making based on analytics and achieve tangible results.

  • Estimation of Work.
  • Management of Resources.
  • Collection and documentation of Specifications.
  • Complete project documentation.
  • Conform to documentation requirements resulting from GDPR Data Processor classification.
  • Visual data modeling and documentation.
  • Create and document routines.
  • Measure performance over time.