Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.

From our experience it has shown that the Ruby on Rails framework can bring a product to the market more quickly than any of the alternatives. As a product of a vast community it supports excellent agile development capabilities, with industry standards when it comes to application performance and security.

Ruby in Rails together with Turbolinks for iOS and Android will allow you to deploy high-fidelity hybrid apps with native navigation faster than any competing framework with almost no extra effort or development time.

Benefits and facts that enables us to recommend Ruby on Rails as the preferred framework for your project:

  • It's time efficient: With a large community behind us we can build large modular applications with low code ownership as modules and spend all our time and focus on writing Business Logic. It's proven that Ruby on Rails teams can build applications 30-40% faster than other teams using other languages and framework.

  • It's cost effective: Ruby on Rails is a complete framework with drivers, plugins and integration capabilities to most software where nothing needs to be developed from scratch. Your project will be developed at a steady pace with few hidden costs and a predictable outcome. Delivery of information by HTML, JSON, XML or any other format for application integration can be developed with no extra costs.

  • It's scalable: Clusters of applications can be deployed at ease, using leading industry standards for load-balancing, replication of persisting and non-persisting data. Ruby can run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM), making it easily integratable in an existing Java environment or developing for Java if desirable by the stakeholder.

  • It's secure: Ruby on Rails is developed using convention over configuration, this also applies to security. This means that your application is secure out of the box and that all common attack vectors into your application has been covered. This is also a huge time saver and removes the need from the client of any concern about the data's safety.

  • It's supported: Ruby on Rails has by far the largest Open-Source community for software development. It has become a guideline for how Web applications can be developed quickly and most other languages has developed their version of Ruby on Rails today using convention over configuration as their main design principle.