A systematical manual and automated audit of the security of your organization. The result will be complete assessment of the organization's security, how it can be penetrated, and how to easily avoid devastating loss of information and monetary value.

In a matter of a couple of decades the Internet has evolved from an esoteric topic to become the most important aspects our everyday lives. General assessment assumes that your company is secure, but is it really? Evidence shows that most organizations are vulnerable from multiple attack vectors, where some of them can have a devastating impact on your business at some point in the future. The threats against your business can be targeted or the result of even more devastating, but untargeted, political and malicious attacks costing businesses around the world hundreds of billions in the recent year, public and private sectors included.

Our Security Audit will identify potential attack vectors into your organization, both through manual interviews and automated penetration testing of applications, systems and protocols.

A security audit consists of multiple steps, some of them being:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing: Perform an "ethical" attack against your application intended to identify the strength of the application's security controls and expose potential vulnerabilities.

  • Social Engineering: The most effective attack vector is always the human element of security. By reviewing the organizations current security measures we can identify the effectiveness of its implementation, give you a better assessment of your staffs understanding the topic and identify vulnerabilities against your organization.

  • Systems Security: Evidence shows that most of these applications remain unpatched for decades and your organization is most likely vulnerable to attacks that were effective more than a decade go. Keeping your software updated is the easiest way to avoid security holes.

  • Enforce Enterprise security: We can help you implement the current industry standard of enterprise security.