Ensuring the stakeholder's needs through early and predictable delivery. Predict costs and get full transparency. Designed to change with focus on business value.

Agile is a framework for providing a circular relationship between the stakeholder and the worker. The work is executed in short iterations of 1-2 weeks where the work is delivered to the stakeholder at the end of each cycle. What is produced is then fed back into the process to ensure the work has been executed correctly.

Agile provides many benefits, including:

  • Transparency: Production of software through the agile method produces a tangible software product where you can actually see and interact with the product as it is being built.

  • Early and predictable delivery: By delivering every 1-2 weeks the stakeholder will experience continuous improvements and delivery of new features. This allows the stakeholder to make important decisions about when the product is ready to be released.

  • Open to change: Building the product in a transparent environment with short iterations allows the stakeholder to act and make changes while the product is under development. The product will continuously change along with the requirements.

  • Focus on business value: The stakeholder can make sure that the features that provides the most business value are developed first. This ensures that the team understands what is important to the stakeholder.

The development framework and libraries we use will be picked on a per project basis. Our preferred frameworks includes:

Using these frameworks we will deliver high-quality well tested applications to any enterprise, on any platform, prepared for the future to be deployed at any scale.